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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Chains of Domination - Official Trailer | BlizzConline 2021 

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Here's the trailer for the first content update for WoW Shadowlands: Chains of Domination.
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19 თებ 2021-ში




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Mark Grejda
Mark Grejda 46 წუთის წინ
He didn't trinket one shot macro. Not dead.
DeadlyCatfish 7 საათის წინ
of all the things you could have named it lmaoooooooooooo
DYT001 14 საათის წინ
Ah sht. Here we go again. Damn it arthas!
Duncan Griffiths
Duncan Griffiths დღის წინ
Games workshop = lego Blizzard=duplo
sasha mocni
sasha mocni 2 დღის წინ
No Covid 19 at Warcraft realm. Time to move ✊
Trap_ G0dM00n
Trap_ G0dM00n 2 დღის წინ
Wanna know how to mine for gold quick, check out Hayden Hawke's vid :@t
Ralecgos 3 დღის წინ
Wow, is that humanity in Sylvanas's expression?
BeliseoftheNIne 4 დღის წინ
Plot hole...where did her sword go? She held it and when she was killed and we see her hands, its not there.
ArgieDude 4 დღის წინ
Oh boy...this is going to end badly for Anduin
Jacob Brackett
Jacob Brackett 5 დღის წინ
People complaining the lore and story don't make sense are really projecting how little they know hard. This directly ties in with lore from Legion. It's actually hilarious to see people not knowing what's happening
Радослав Цветанов
Радослав Цветанов 5 დღის წინ
Bad storytelling at its finest. Nothing else to see here.....
Jordan Toelle
Jordan Toelle 6 დღის წინ
Oh no. . . are they trying to replace Arthas now!?
topeee14 6 დღის წინ
3:17 "it was at this moment... that (s)he knew.. (s)he f*cked up" 😂😂😂
Capone Smokes
Capone Smokes 6 დღის წინ
Anyone else see Sylvannas's face towards anduin at the end? Think she got something else up her sleeve now that shes having second thoughts.
John Michael Martinez
John Michael Martinez 6 დღის წინ
Anduin looks like Arthas more than Arthas looks itself in the game
Crunchy Netto
Crunchy Netto 7 დღის წინ
feels like watching cartoon…
Diro 7 დღის წინ
Guild wars 2 - offers just so much more, try it....
Whitewizard Mil98
Whitewizard Mil98 8 დღის წინ
Its like Anduin is Arthas's Death Knight Wannabe
Mark Anthony Dax
Mark Anthony Dax 8 დღის წინ
Now youtubers will make a 10 minute video of what you've missed about this trailer
Sascha Roth
Sascha Roth 8 დღის წინ
The boy king serves at the Masters table
Ryan I
Ryan I 8 დღის წინ
3:16 The moment Sylvanas understands that she holds the key to turning this entire thing around.
Cyrus Studio
Cyrus Studio 9 დღის წინ
FF14 > WOW
diabz 9 დღის წინ
Those Uther feels make me teary
Spastlcatedtoad 9 დღის წინ
of all the expansions that came before, this has to be the WORST OF THE WORST, up there with WoD and LEGION more and more bad expansions lately
Bry D
Bry D 10 დღის წინ
Wait, what actually happened to Anduin?
Gregory Sheridan
Gregory Sheridan 10 დღის წინ
Who wants to run the same mythic keystones again for the 100th time
Queen Skeleboner
Queen Skeleboner 10 დღის წინ
Someone help my poor baby boy
snuffie 10 დღის წინ
Blizzard is going down. There is new star on the horizon.
ilive forthevibez
ilive forthevibez 10 დღის წინ
Isn't there anyone who actually reads the lore and approves it before developing it ? How can someone just accept do to the same thing again and again and again ?
Carson Berger
Carson Berger 10 დღის წინ
The jailer's power is overwhelming through the body of Anduin. We are helpless, and our companions have fallen. "This was inevitable," the Jailer's voice says through Anduin, as a puppeteer would make a puppet's mouth move. "In the end, Death is the only true victor." He raises Kingsmourne high for the final blow. Anduin's Theme begins to play, and the attack is parried, and the Jailer is sent stumbling back. A familiar figure materializes in front of us, a sword in each hand. He stands tall, and strong, even in the face of death, and within his eyes burns the mighty wrath of a thousand blazing suns, and it is all directed at the creature who has dared to harm his boy. "How is this possible?" the Jailer asks through Anduin's stolen lips, shock evident. "You should have been devoured by the Maw." In lieu of an answer, the Wolf points a blade at the one responsible for so much pain and misery and destruction. "Release my son, monster," snarls Varian Wrynn. Cue crescendo.
Arman Rosales
Arman Rosales 11 დღის წინ
Do we have world of Warcraft on PS4?
Drew Martin
Drew Martin 11 დღის წინ
Is there still players for this?
AsrielTheGoat 11 დღის წინ
The story and lore at this point feels so dragged out it suffers so much. - How come FF14 does a better job being consistent despite the long run?
AariolisEffect 11 დღის წინ
At 1:23 you can hear a semblance of the "Invincible" OST when Uther sees a resemblance of Arthas in Anduin.
LobsterTrainer 11 დღის წინ
smokey boy jump out of smoke and take out one of the strongest powers in Shadowlands with one stabby? Okay...
S Fouche
S Fouche 11 დღის წინ
Sly 12 დღის წინ
Laziest, shittiest, rehash writing, ever
Falkreit 12 დღის წინ
Will this cinematic be in-game?
Kura 12 დღის წინ
Now imagine they'll bring Arthas back.. BUT he will be consumed by Anduin so both Anduin and Arthas Soul are in Anduins body. So Anduin could control his.. death knight side?
15may 12 დღის წინ
Hammer Toss toss
Hammer Toss toss 12 დღის წინ
From Shalamayne to shalamourne
Felpaw Gaming
Felpaw Gaming 12 დღის წინ
Andwin Wrynn a death knight on crack we all saw the opening scene for the last expansion
ArchCancer 12 დღის წინ
For the covenant!!
MrRykage 12 დღის წინ
I look forward to Arthas's redemption arc
Grant Hudson
Grant Hudson 13 დღის წინ
Shits getting real girls
Zakynthos 13 დღის წინ
their trailers are better than their actual games
Kevin Skinner
Kevin Skinner 13 დღის წინ
Maybe the magic from the sword caused uther wound to ache
Ragnar Mikk
Ragnar Mikk 13 დღის წინ
oh shi new lich king bois and girls
Finch intello
Finch intello 13 დღის წინ
"Hey look, we'll bring you Arthas 2.0, you're happy now ?"
Winter2k18 13 დღის წინ
To think Arthas will mess up heaven too...
Marcos Alexandre de Medeiros Pimentel da Silva
Michael Sama
Michael Sama 13 დღის წინ
Ya I play WoW... more like just cinematic trailers now. It’s cheaper this way
Chris 88
Chris 88 13 დღის წინ
I’d love to see a breadcrumb quest to find arthas in the maw, maybe arthas could have found a weakness in the jailer or something while donning the helm so long idk. Cmon not a full return per se but for those who want to see him again they can.
D'Man 13 დღის წინ
Jacob Bailey
Jacob Bailey 13 დღის წინ
A new lich king
Ariel de la Cruz
Ariel de la Cruz 13 დღის წინ
Ngl i Anduin dies or is turned into a villain willingly or unwillingly which only freedom would be death... I will be very pissed off. Also cant wait for all the fanfics dom Sylvanas sub Anduin
Gage Edwards
Gage Edwards 13 დღის წინ
DEATH KNIGHT AUDUIAN IS PRETTY COOL I hope when he is saved he will stay as one
JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??
JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK?? 13 დღის წინ
3 keys left? Primus is still alive out there?
Milii 13 დღის წინ
Meanwhile in Stormwind: SYLVANAAAAAAS!
Tú Đàm
Tú Đàm 13 დღის წინ
This should have been a cinematic trailer. Blizzard got lazy and didn't want to spend more money?
Asger Lomholt
Asger Lomholt 11 დღის წინ
@AreYouThereGod ItsMeMargaret blizzard is a multi million if not billion dollar company. They have all the money they need :)
AreYouThereGod ItsMeMargaret
AreYouThereGod ItsMeMargaret 11 დღის წინ
What money? 😂😂😂
Tú Đàm
Tú Đàm 13 დღის წინ
Alduin The Discount Arthas.
Rony Bakale
Rony Bakale 13 დღის წინ
I sense the return of Arthas 😑
Thagyr 13 დღის წინ
Archon was like the punching bag of Shadowlands. Got trounced by a mere dungeon boss and now this.
Mike House
Mike House 13 დღის წინ
Arthas? I’ve seen this before
Eugene Soloviov
Eugene Soloviov 13 დღის წინ
Just face it: WoW lore has been exhausted.
Finch intello
Finch intello 13 დღის წინ
This is so depressing... It doesn't make sense...
Woonatic 13 დღის წინ
Only covenant with competent active leader confirmed to be Night Fae yet again.
Fuck You
Fuck You 13 დღის წინ
What an uninspired story
S. Salam
S. Salam 13 დღის წინ
wow story is just loop around, it getting boring
MarkOchoa 13 დღის წინ
Cancelled game today shity grind to blame
so Arthas 2.0 is the big story drop?
Youtube Sensation
Youtube Sensation 13 დღის წინ
Maybe Sylvanas loves anduin so she's kinda angry at that moment?
Rajko Stanojević
Rajko Stanojević 13 დღის წინ
And they say Arthas will not come back in Shadowlands...
DL 13 დღის წინ
2:15 Diablo vs Imperius at the Heaven's Gate anyone?
Nathaniel Vers.
Nathaniel Vers. 13 დღის წინ
Sylvanna has the frostmourne?
Reiher Allendi
Reiher Allendi 13 დღის წინ
3:16 sylvanas starting to change her mind
Reiher Allendi
Reiher Allendi 13 დღის წინ
arthas 2.0
Eastern Serenity
Eastern Serenity 13 დღის წინ
Is she Traxex: Drawn Ranger from dota 1??
ethan vern
ethan vern 14 დღის წინ
Is it me or has wow just been recycling everything lately
Razertail Druid
Razertail Druid 14 დღის წინ
Meh. . . Needs More Garrisons To Really Ruin WoW Again!
Khain 14 დღის წინ
Anyone complaining about grinding, sounding alot like them tide pod eaters. 😐
sblinder1978 14 დღის წინ
The prevailing theory of the Runecarver is that he is the missing Primus of Maldraxxus, but if that is the case then doesn't the Jailer already have his key? If he now has keys for Maldraxxus and Bastion, then why does he still need THREE? Did the Primus hide his "key" in the pillar that you open in the Mald part of the campaign?
Don Chon
Don Chon 14 დღის წინ
Blizzard used to have such polished cinematic...
deVaras 14 დღის წინ
Sylvanas fitting to power slide onto another evil prince's sword.
Jesús Molina
Jesús Molina 14 დღის წინ
No more high budget cinematics for WoW??
Tristan Milner
Tristan Milner 14 დღის წინ
The exact same trailer as your "Kingsmourne" trailer? Double dipping much?
DaXy 14 დღის წინ
does anyone else hear Kylo Ren’s theme at 2:55
Daisy Chains
Daisy Chains 14 დღის წინ
so we need to do 3 days of questing to meet the archon but this little beech just walks in there and kills the archon ? ok.
Akuma Kami
Akuma Kami 14 დღის წინ
Man I haven't played Warcraft since 2012? Would love to get back into Wow, but sadly I don't have a PC and FF XIV takes up my addiction when it comes to mmos anyway 😂
danteangelo212 14 დღის წინ
The moment wow died
Alé Zaouali
Alé Zaouali 14 დღის წინ
2:30 it looked like stormwind intro
Emi Plays
Emi Plays 14 დღის წინ
I.....HATE...THIS...BUUuuuuut at least they showed that Anduin did NOT actually kill the Archon, THE JAILER DID through him. There's a difference.
Ulisses Moura
Ulisses Moura 14 დღის წინ
Born a new class: Death Paladin
Michael Sapers
Michael Sapers 12 დღის წინ
That is exactly what Death Knights are
Krishna Chandra Das
Krishna Chandra Das 14 დღის წინ
Sylvana! and Jailer how dare you !!!!!! Bastion is the only thing made me come back to WOW, both of you have threatened that peace.
sebastian larsen
sebastian larsen 14 დღის წინ
If Anduin dies in this expansion i'm gonna be so pissed.
Tommy Vercetti
Tommy Vercetti 14 დღის წინ
he won't a few years ago i saw a comic with Anduin having white hair and fighting the void lords alongside Velen so i bet when Anduin will be free again his hair will remain white
Timothy Ritchey
Timothy Ritchey 14 დღის წინ
Blizzard phoning these trailers in. 90% talking heads. I remember when they focused on being cinematic.
Lightbringer 14 დღის წინ
Death Knight Anduin looks dope.
Just a Regular Human
Just a Regular Human 14 დღის წინ
Sylavana looks like she's regretting turning her boy toy into Arthas boy toy
Phúc Trần Hồng
Phúc Trần Hồng 14 დღის წინ
SOOOOOOOOooooooo, Arthas 2.0?
Danterik 14 დღის წინ
Oh a blonde righteous prince/king that cares about his people and kingdom more than anything turned evil? Where have i seen this before i cant quite put my finger on it
clemo85 14 დღის წინ
My guess is Arthas shall redeem himself by defeating Anduin?
Swivie 14 დღის წინ
I might not be fully updated yet, but WHEN DID WE CAPTURE UTHER???
Eoin Mordaunt
Eoin Mordaunt 14 დღის წინ
Really this is what they offer after the 4th installment, you would expect keith martinez would put more effort into this, completely lacking in many departments.
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